Welcome to the Brown University Motion Pictures Equipment Management System (BMP EMS)

Use this system to browse the equipment that BMP offers to all Brown University students, and reserve it for use on projects. All of BMP's equipment is listed here, as well as all upcoming reservations. Please read through this brief overview to get an understanding of how to make the best use of this system.

A General Overview
Access Privileges
Hours of Operation
Create an Account
Create a Reservation
Print your Reservation Contract

NOTE: During BMP Production schedules we will NOT lend out equipment to non-BMP projects.

Please email one of the Tech Directors to:

1) Have your reservation confirmed and

2) schedule drop-off and/or pickup of equipment. The Tech Directors WILL NOT be in the tech room during office hours if no appointments are set up

For non-BMP reservations, you MUST pay a $60 deposit upon equipment check out in cash or check. The deposit will be returned upon check-in of the equipment. If the equipment has been damaged in any way or if some equipment (such as an SD memory card of XLR cable) is missing, the cost will be taken out of the deposit and additional penalties may be incurred if damages and losses exceed $60.

Hours of Operation

Mondays (dropoff): 3pm-6pm, Luke (luke_perez@brown.edu)

Thursdays (pickup): 8:30pm - 10:30pm Ian (ian_garrity@brown.edu).
Fridays (pickup): 4pm - 7pm, Dan (daniel_fethke@brown.edu)

Proper Reservation Procedure

This EMS is designed to make BMP's equipment reservation system easier for both users, and the BMP staff. Help us help you by following these steps for your reservations.

  1. Create an account and wait for approval by BMP
  2. Create a reservation using the Create content link on the left hand side
  3. Ensure your reservation start and end times are during our Hours of Operation.
  4. Print your reservation contract and bring it to your reservation pickup along with a $50 deposit. This deposit may be in cash, or check, and will be fully refunded upon the complete return of undamaged equipment.
A General Overview

Proper use of this EMS requires basic understanding of some simple concepts.

Equipment Organization

BMP's equipment inventory includes many duplicate items, such as three DSLRs with comparable features, four portable digital recorders, and several microphone kits. To ensure the most efficient checkout process, these items are sorted as Buckets within this EMS. When creating a reservation, you need only select a Bucket item, such as Canon EOS DSLR, as opposed to a specific DSLR we offer. You can request a specific piece of equipment later, or we will assign one to you. Rest assured that all of our equipment within each Bucket has directly comparable features.

Some of BMP's equipment are single items, such as our Glidetrack SD. These items are Resources and are selected directly during checkout.

If you have any confusion regarding this system, and we are expecting some confusion and hiccups at first, please send an email to luke_perez@brown.edu or daniel_fethke@brown.edu. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Access Privileges

As an anonymous user, you are able to view our equipment inventory, and use the reservation calendar. The links to this important information are always available up above.

However, in order to use the EMS to make and manage your reservations, you'll need to create an account.

Creating an Account

BMP Equipment Management System: How-to Create an Account from Brown University Student TV on Vimeo.

Use the dialogue on the left hand side to create an account using your Brown email address, your_name@brown.edu and a username. Please choose a username that easily identifies you. We recommend an username that combines your first and last name.

After creating your account, the BMP EMS administrator will manually approve that account. We apologize for this inconvenience, however this is necessary to ensure that only Brown University students have access to the EMS. You will quickly receive an email confirming your account, and providing you with a password and login link. Use this login link to complete your account registration, and set your password.

Once your account has been approved, you will be able to create reservations.

Creating Reservations

Confirmed users, when logged in, are able to create and manage their reservations. All reservations are to be requested using this EMS. Reservations submitted via email or other means of contact will not be approved. The BMP Tech Director will approve your reservation, and follow up to confirm your pickup time.

BMP Equipment Management System: How-to Make a Reservation from Brown University Student TV on Vimeo.

To create a reservation, follow these steps.

  1. Select Create Content using the side bar.
  2. Select Reservation
  3. Title your reservation with your full name
  4. Enter the project for which you will be using BMP's equipment.
  5. Confirm the affiliation of the project. BMP projects will be given minor priority
  6. Enter the reservation start and end times.
    • • Please refer to our Hours of Operation to ensure your reservation starts and ends during proper check-in/check-out times.
  7. Select the items you wish to check out from the drop down menus.
    • •You will select the specific equipment contained in buckets later.
    • •You will also select the accessories you would like, such as lenses, extra batteries, etc., once you have submitted your reservation
  8. You can add as many items as you like.
  9. Select Save to submit your reservation for confirmation.

To confirm the specific items and accessories you would like (such as t3i vs t2i and lenses), follow these steps

  1. From your reservation page, selected EDIT.
  2. Within the Currently Reserved Items section
    • • Use the drop down to select specific items, where applicable.
    • • Select Add Accessories to choose accessories you would like to check out along with your reservation

Printable Contract

You need to print and bring your reservation contract to your equipment pickup. You also need to bring a $50 deposit in either cash or check. Your deposit will be fully refunded once you return the borrowed equipment in its entirety, without damage.

To print your contract

  1. From your reservation page, select Printable Contract
  2. Select Print within your browser.